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Easily store, send, and use your coins and NFTs.
Skywallet is built for the next billion. 

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Works with all Web3 apps

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NFTs on Metasky Are
Memberships Into your world


Metasky is a community on a mission to democratise ownership of the internet. We do that by building easy Web3 tools built for real communities.

An NFT is simply a “digital object” that is registered on a blockchain. NFTs are a lot like membership cards - they can provide access to anything - from exclusive digital content, discount coupons, to physical event access.

Skywallet is the world’s simplest Web3 Wallet. A Wallet is necessary to

  1. Interact with blockchains
  2. Securely store assets that you own on the blockchain.

Skywallet works across all blockchains and supports all kinds of NFTs and Coins.

Skywallet support is live for Ethereum, Polygon and NEAR blockchain. Support for other blockchains like Solana is planned in the near future.

Please contact us at our support email or join our discord

Skywallet supports both custodial and non custodial modes of operation.

  • If you login with Phone number or Email, Skywallet is custodial.
  • If you login with MetaMask/NEAR Wallet, Skywallet is non custodial.

We strongly recommend Login with Phone Number of Email for all users - for ease of use.

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