Metasky Studio

Easy and practical way to launch and manage loyalty ecosystem for your brand

Recognize your superfans and monetize with powerful and interactive experiences

🖥️ Curate and Monitor

1. Get a 360° view of your members and their engagement activities across Twitter (X), Instagram, YouTube*, Discord, and NFT communities 2. Uncover trends and insights to refine engagement and inform strategy

🪄 Utilities charged NFTs

Introduce unique utilities, gamify the experience, and create an impact for your superfans

🧧 Utility Library


High-quality music, video, or any form of digital content


Event ticketing, casual games, raffles and custom collectibles

Secret Text

Discount codes, treasure hunts, scratch cards from partner brands

Token Gating

NFTs based access control for online and offline events

🎰 Launch Bounties

1. Launch gamified bounties to check and boost the current engagement level of the community 2. Design the loyalty program based on the performance of these bounty programs

🎁 Rewards distribution system

1. Establish giveaway rules influenced by leaderboard points, bounty incentives, and brand partnerships 2. Supports brand coupons, fiat currency, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs as options for giveaways